Ladies,here are 5 signs he wants to marry you

It is the desire of every woman to get married and every man to marry a woman of his dreams.

Women place special focus on matters of marriage and will do everything to ensure they are married.

In our African cultures, women who don’t get married or men who fail to marry are always ridiculed.

Samatha Mumia,  a marriage counsellor and expert says that the journey to marriage is not easy and involves a lot of sacrifices on both sides.

Mumia notes that many courtships don’t end up in marriage because of many reasons.

However, Mumia says that it is easy to tell whether he or she is a marriage material or committed to you or not.

For ladies, here are five signs that your man wants to marry you:

1. He is concerned about your future 

Mumia says that a man who wants to marry a woman is more concerned about her future.

“He invests his time and money in you and will encourage you to go for greater things,” she says.

“If he offers to help you fund your career or business, then he is ready to settle down with you,” Mumia notes.

2. Plans vacations together 

She observes that a man who wants to marry you will plan his things together with you.

She says that such men don’t hide their things and will consult their women in every plan and decision they make.

3. He introduces  you to everyone close to him

Mumia states that a man feels proud of introducing her woman to his close friends and people.

She says that whenever a man introduces you to his close buddies, then know that he is serious and ready to marry you.

4. Meeting your parents

According to Mumia, the majority men fear meeting their women’s parents and will often shy away from their idea of such meetings unless forced.

She, however, says that a serious man will easily agree and even push you to meet your parents.

5. Talks about children

Mumia notes that men who are serious about marrying often focus on children.

“When you see your boyfriend or fiancé discussing issues of children then know that he is sending a message that he is ready to settle down with you,” she adds.

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