List: 14 interesting questions to ask your crush to make the conversation longer

Keep your crush interested by asking interesting questions.

I noticed that some guys “blow up” lifetime opportunities when it comes to maintaining a conversation with the girl they have been yearning to talk to for so long. Don’t lose this chance just because you have no words to sustain the conversation, ask interesting questions;

1. Who is your celebrity crush?


What would you do if your celebrity crush asked you out for a date?

3. What is the best memory you have of a thirteen-year-old you?

4. How did you feel when your crush hugged you?

5. What is your idea of a perfect date?

6. What do you think is more appealing to your beauty, smart or sexy?

7. What do you think most people get wrong about you?

8. Which description do you think best suites you more, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous or amazing?

9. Suppose you had a chance to travel through time, would you go back to correct your mistakes or travel in to the future to reveal the mysteries to the ones you love?

10. Have you ever been in a company of someone and then you felt like you want to go and the same time you wanted to stay?

11. Have you ever wanted to be something else? 

If yes, what is it?

12. What do you think most people know about you, your likes or dislikes?

13. What is the most embarrassing moment you have had so far?

14. What do you think should never make you cry, happiness or sadness?

These are just questions to be asked once in a while because when she answers, you will have time to talk about other things in between. Do not carry this questions on your date, you might just screw up everything because it is not an interview.

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