Tyga Hit With $157k Judgment For Failing To Pay Off 2014 Land Rover

Tyga abandoned the car at a repair shop.

Celebrities are just like us. They go shopping, clean the house, and occasionally forget to pay bills. Tyga took it one step further though, and totally ditched his vehicle and never paid it off. The West Coast rapper is facing a hefty fine after failing to pay off a 2014 Land Rover. According to documents obtained by The Blastthe “Taste” rapped leased a 2014 Land Rover ATB from a company called Midway HFCA. The company sued Tyga, and the lawsuit claims he took the car to fix at Final Touch Collision and abandoned it there.

Midway is suing for $202,739 in damages, since the car was never returned. Tyga originally entered into an agreement to pay $3,998 for 36 months, and then he would have the option to buy the vehicle. He faithfully kept up with his payments, until he didn’t, and racked up $22,739 in past due payments when he left the Rover. Tyga ignored the lawsuit and failed to show up in court, resulting in a judge granting a default judgment to Midway against the rapper for $141k in damages. Adding interest and legal fees, the total grows to $157,152.60. A 2014 Land Rover ATB costs anywhere from $83,300-$184,105, so it looks like Tyga will be paying off that bill after all.

Updated: July 15, 2018 — 2:39 am

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